8-Step Guide To Buying A Car Online

If the thought of going to another car dealership in person makes you feel queasy, the Internet is a good place to buy a car. Many dealerships nationwide now have an Internet Sales Department that allows you to contact a sales manager and negotiate from the comfort of your couch. There are plenty of online tools that consumers can utilize ranging from professional reviews to financing options and trade-in values. Smart people shop online, but before you get started, read the guide below!

Step 1: Find Your Car

Use the Internet to find what model and make of car you want as well as the add-on features available. Reading expert and consumer reviews can also help sway you in a certain direction. Before committing to purchase, do take a test drive at the local dealership!

Step 2: Let’s Talk Pricing

You need to know the MSRP of a vehicle as well as how much a dealership wants you to pay. Do keep in mind that some dealerships withhold additional fees you may be responsible for, so do ask and read the fine print.

Step 3: Trade In Your Car

Chances are that your old car is no longer meeting your needs, which is why you need to know it’s worth. Check out the Kelley Blue Book value as well as the National Automobile Dealers Association website to come up with a trade in value. You may sell your car to the dealership you’re working with, sell it yourself or sell it to a used car company such as CarMax.

Step 4: Get Financing

Many shoppers fall into the traps set by dealerships claiming that anyone is eligible for financing, when the reality is much different. Most people are outright denied financing, which is why you should get pre-approval from your own bank or credit union.

Step 5: Arrange Transportation

Chances are that your local dealership may not have the car you want or will charge you more money for a certain color or model. Instead of biting the bullet and paying the price, you can purchase from a different location and can arrange transportation using Nationwide Auto Transportation services. The prices are affordable, and you can get the car you want, even if it’s used!



Step 6: Collect Quotes

You need to be aware of realistic pricing, which is why you should get at least three quotes from car dealerships. Knowing what others charge will allow you to realize what a fair price is.

Step 7: Haggle

If the quotes you receive are above what you can afford, throw the prices back at the dealer and haggle some more! Ask for the best price as well as an itemized email of what’s included in the final total, there could be hidden fees!

Step 8: Finalize

Finalize your deal by trading in your car and getting as much money as you can. Using your pre-approval financing letter, ask the dealer to give you the best deal as they will treat you like a cash customer.

Purchasing a car online is as easy as selling your old car, getting financing, and arranging Nationwide Auto Transportation! You hold the upper hand when it comes to buying a car, so don’t let the dealer sell you what you don’t want.