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Reasons Why Car Dashboard Cameras Are Important Inside Your Car

There are lots of people who are noticing the popularity of dash cams and why they are used all over Western countries nowadays.Back in the day, police cars were the only ones who were allowed to be outfitted with dashboard cameras inside their cars. Then something came up that was out of the blue, a meteor happened to crash land into a nearby remote town that is located within the area somewhere in Siberia, Russia, then there was a big commotion on Youtube due to the fact that lots of videos were uploaded about the crash. It is because when it comes to Russia, cars have become quite popular around the world due to the fact that they have dash cams installed inside of them to counter the corruption and fraudulent issues that plague the country. Russian drivers have lots …

Michelin Australia Announces April 2017 Promotion


(Port Melbourne, Australia)— Michelin Australia recently announced the launch of their “Drive Together, Dine Together” promotion. Drivers who purchase four tyres through the month of April will be eligible to receive a gift card valued at up to $100 as well as be entered to win a trip to Singapore to enjoy a Michelin Star Dining Experience. Those who would like to take advantage of this offer can visit the Michelin Tyres Australia website for further details.

A spokesperson for Michelin Australia commented, “Everybody knows how important it is to have high-quality tyres as they drive back and forth on the roads each day. Right now, we want to give drivers a little extra incentive to purchase them sooner rather than later. This is the perfect promotion for those who need new tyres to keep them safe on the roads as we approach the winter season. With …

The advantage of installing GPS in your vehicle

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a device that will detect our position / vehicle right then and there. In the current era is not only luxury cars equipped with GPS devices, our trucks also need to be fitted with GPS, as trucking entrepreneurs who have a fixed route is highly recommended to install GPS in order to boost performance, let alone trucks that have a wide range, very It is necessary to know the location of the truck. You can find out more information about the right GPS for your truck through Garmin Dezl Truck GPS.

There are indeed costs that we must bear each month for GPS to keep working, among the costs are;

  1. Toll Rates

Built-in GPS devices require a SIM card to be able to send and receive signals to the server, without a credit on the SIM card then the GPS will not work and …

How Digital Upgrades Are Changing the European Auto Industry

Like so many other industries, the European auto industry now uses digital products to increase profits. For example, Motork is a digital business that offers solutions to car dealers and manufacturers. They combine technology, marketing and automotive knowledge to provide targeted products and services. Digital professionals like this constantly mine evolving technology to identify those which can assist auto manufacturers and dealers meet market challenges.

Manufacturers Use Technology to Drive Profits

Digital products and services help auto manufacturers identify markets, target quality customers and turn leads into sales. European auto manufacturers in France, Spain, German and the UK are already benefiting from digital solutions. Some of the options they have embraced include:

  • DriveK: A program that provides manufacturers with a lead generation network. It is easily integrated into current systems and is designed to provide high-quality results.
  • Hesitation Data: Manufacturers are provided with machine learning algorithms that can identify market

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Stainless Steel and Its Various Benefits and Advantages Stainless steel is suitably named, as it is a kind of steel that has a distinctive ability to prevent stains and corrosion. The chromium content makes way for the formation of an invisible film of chromium oxide on the metal’s surface. With the addition of nitrogen, nitrogen and other elements during the manufacturing process, the resulting steel’s corrosion-resistant properties are even bolstered.
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There are multiple corrosion-resistant properties that different grades of stainless steel are known for. Due to the unseen layer of chromium oxide that protects stainless steel materials, making them resistant to stains and corrosion, stainless steel is also the perfect choice for hospitals and other environments that are particular with hygiene. Another substantial benefit of stainless steel materials is the significant strength-to-weight advantage …