Collision streak in Asahan Street Kills 2 People and Wounds Dozens Passenger

Events pileup at Km 4.5 Asahan street District of Siantar, Simalungun, exactly in front of the campus of the Islamic University of North Sumatra (UISU) and Senior High School  Private UISU, on Thursday afternoon (03/02/2017), causing 2 were killed and dozens injured passengers.

Traffic accidents (laka then) this involves 1 unit of timber trucks unladen beams crashing three cars transportation (public transportation) Bandar Jaya CV brand (2 units) and GMSS (1 unit).
The dead are known Parsaoran Pasaribu (43), GMSS minivan drivers, residents of the Red Rambung, District Siantar and one of the passengers Marlina Sihotang (60).
While dozens of passengers on public transport three injured and was rushed to a hospital (RS) in the Siantar City, Vita Insani Hospital (RSVI), RS Army and Horas Insani Hospital (of yore). The data collected, the passengers were undergoing inpatient and outpatient.
One high school teacher UISU, Ahmad Bakti Nasution met at RSVI said, after the tragic accident, a number of victims that the majority of students were rushed to the hospital. With the state of our frantic call via public transportation, private cars and ambulances, “he said.
Not yet known exactly UISU the number of high school students who suffered severe injuries and minor injuries. However Bakti estimates, the number of students who have taken to several hospitals as many as 12 students.

“5 people have been treated in RSVI, 5 people of yore and some in the RS Army,” he added, serya add students name Taufik, and Dwi Maulana injured seriously enough. “The students were screaming tantrum. Surely there who suffered a broken leg and a hand there. For victims died we do not know, “said Bakti.
One of the students who are victims pileup at Km 4.5 Asahan Streets. you can visit here for more details about an incident.
In RSVI, it appears some victims of the accident are still handled in the ICU. In addition to students, known to some adults also receive medical attention.
While the victim Marlina Sihotang a housewife (IRT) who died in RSVI been brought to the funeral home.
The following names of victims of accidents are handled in RSVI: Mitro Simon Haloho (19), Dwi Wardiah (12), Eka Wahyu Ningsih (16) Taufik Hidayat (12) Maulana Safi (14), Siti Nuranjani Sinaga (14), David Hamongan Nababan ( 13) Nabila
Elfitriana, (14) Fitri Yanti Harahap (34) Charles Bronson Sinambela (36), one driver, Sabila Riski Nabila (12), Nijar Wandira (16), Dewi Maisyara (14) and Juntri (30).
Based on the data received from the yore, Medan street , note there are six victims of the Romasi Situmorang, Yossy Regina Octavia, Nurazmi, Ayu Widia Astuti, daughter Amelia and Umairina.
Parsaoran Pasaribu GMSS minivan drivers who died in place of Genesis Case were also evacuated to yore. “I see my brother’s condition legs were crushed,” a sister of Parsaoran.
Based on the narrative friend of the victim, that Parsaoran before dying could tell you wanted to buy the land. “He (the victim) would like to buy the land, should today be given a down payment (DP) of Rp 2 million,” he said. you can visit here
He added, if the child victim had had a premonition about the man nicknamed Mr. Artur it. “Last night the dreams of the victims went to church, just participate baseball father,” he said.
The plan is a direct victim was taken to the funeral home in Red finished Social Gang. Planned if the condition gets worse then the bodies of victims of the possibility on Friday (03.03.2017) will be interred.
Meanwhile two more victims of Sri Rahayu Silalahi (14) residents citizen 3 dolok Yudha Syahputra (13), a resident of hostel complex army camp 022 / East Coast treated at the Army Hospital.