Consequences of jumping a red light

When you are driving on road, there are some traffic rules which you have to abide. These traffic rules, by the government, are formulated with an intention to have a smooth traffic on road and minimize the instances of mishaps. But some of us either intentionally or unintentionally commits a traffic violation, which results in serious consequences at times.

As per the “Rules of the Road regulation”, some road rules were set up in July 1989.  These traffic rules are applicable to all the drivers of two-wheelers, four wheelers, or the ones who drive a transport vehicle. Traffic violation of any of these rules is considered as a serious offence according to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. These rules are compulsory to follow and any instance of law breaking can attract a penalty payment or legal hassle. One of the traffic rule we often break is jumping a red light signal.

Jumping a red light: Consequence

The traffic rule of not crossing the road if the signal is red and its implication is aimed at having a systematic traffic on road. These thoughtful rules have been really helpful in keeping the traffic under control and minimizing the chances of mishaps like accidents etc.

If you jump a red light and get caught, you will be charged with a penalty of INR 100 under 177 Motor vehicle act for the offence of “Signal Jumping”. If you are found to be one of the repeated offenders or you have committed this offence of jumping a red light signal even before, you may be levied a penalty of INR 300 also. In future also, if you are found jumping the red light signal, all your subsequent penalties will be INR 300 or more. It is time that you take a note of this and mend your ways.

You may think that this amount is minimal to you and you can easily bear this penalty. But as a responsible citizen of India is it not your duty to take care of the laws? It is only us who always criticize the government and system for not having or implementing laws, but it is we who break them. As a driver, following these is a part of your duty to follow traffic rules. A traffic signal is one of the most important rule of road network. Also, it is one of the easiest rule to follow. We all are aware of the traffic rules, especially not jumping the red signal. Yet, it has become one of the most abused traffic rule. Ignoring these well planned traffic system disturbs the whole traffic on the road and you along with many others will end up spending your crucial time on road, stuck in traffic.

As per a report in the Hindustan Times, the people who are caught in traffic violation like drunk driving, jumping the signal and speeding will not be left with only paying a meagre amount. They will have to face a more stern punishment for a traffic violation and they may have to pay up to Rs. 15,000 as a penalty amount for any such act of drunk driving, jumping the red light signal, or speeding in the times to come. The punishment will go even severe if the gravity of the offence gets more serious, for example a fine amounting to Rs. 5 lac and jail of three months if you happen to cause a manufacturing fault in the vehicle. A three to fifty fold hike in penalty is proposed by the new draft Transport bill for any traffic violation.