How To increase the power or engine power

To increase the power or engine power standard motor is commonly called tune-up, needs to be put changes on several things:

1 Increase / raise the compression ratio.
2 Fixing IN and EX ported so that importation of fuel to be smooth and good.
3 Change the duration, the elevator Noken.
4 Change the ignition (if the race is allowed).
5 Change the ratio of the Close Ratio.
6 Setting the carburetor.



Increase the compression ratio (Compretion Ratio = CR) is a way of beginning to be taken by the engineers to increase engine power.
However, to increase the compression ratio to consider several factors, including the fuel used and the quality of the piston is used. To find more information you can visit RV repair Goodyear AZ

How to increase COMPRESSION:
1. Changing the piston with model racing.
2. Moving deck clearance.
3. Turning Head.
4. Weld Head.
5. Turning Block and Piston.
1. Merimer dome on the head.
2. Deepen coakan valve on the piston.
3. Turning the piston.

1. Power engine increases.
2. Final gear becomes heavy.
3. Power engine feels from the bottom up lap.
1. The machine becomes hot quickly.
2. Engine break into large and coarse.
3. If the calculation is not appropriate compression, frequent detonation
To determine / calculate the compression ratio (CR) of the machine, we need to know the volume of a cylinder that will be done.
EXAMPLES IN MACHINE JUPITER Z O / S 100 or D Bore: 52 mm = 5.2 cm Stroke 54 mm = 5.4 cm
= 0.785 x 5.22 x 5.42
= 114.62 cc; 115 cc
The volume of the combustion chamber through the spark plug is measured with burette is 14.55 c
So the volume of the combustion chamber 14.55 cc – 0.7 cc = 13.85 (0.7 cc is the volume of space Busy)

How to determine how many cc contents of the combustion chamber that we must use the compression ratio we have set.
For example, we want a compression ratio of 1: 14 how the volume of space fuel?
Means that if we want a compression ratio of 1: 14, the contents of the combustion chamber must 8,84cc. porting
The purpose of the change is the porting effort to enhance or improve volumetric efficiency by optimizing the flow of gas into the combustion chamber.
There are three factors that determine the amount of force on a machine:
1. Engine efficiency is how much encouragement to the piston generated by the fly wheel torque.
2. Efficiency of thermal (heat) ie how much fuel to be burnt / heated in the cylinder to push the piston down to the TMB efficiently.
3. The volumetric efficiency is to make the channel / right size for optimal gas pump.
In a modification, Head try not got any obstacles, such as intake hole with a manifold hole above must also be the same as the joint / rubber manifold, keep in merimer so that no room was angled.
Among the components of the motor is most important to increase the speed of the engine is modified camshaft / cam / Noken. Noken controls the open / close valve is required to regulate the fuel passing through the valve in the valve and throw passes ex harmoniously.

1. If point A touch trigger, the valve begins to lift and will be full after a protrusion (point B).
2. After passing the peak, the valve back down and closed the meeting after point C.
3. From A later rose to C and then back to B is called the duration Noken.
4. High Lift determine bulge Max.
5. This form of surface protrusions determine the acceleration profile closing and opening the valve by the shape of the profile surface bulge.
How to determine the Max Lift motor racing:
In theory for standard motor, lifts Max is 23% of the diameter of the valve. Then for the motor racing circuit is not so long, Max Lift approximately 29% – 31% of the diameter of the valve. To race with the long circuit, Max Lift can be studied up to 35% of the diameter of the valve.
How to calculate the duration of several ways:
1. Duration is calculated as 1.27 mm valve lift on the valve setting 0 (zerro).
2. Duration is calculated at the time the valve starts to open the valve on the 0.10 mm.
To facilitate the making, we will use the second way.
Before we wanted to determine the length of numbers, we must first know how LC (lobe center) on Noken to be modified.