Merge Collectors for Sale

There are many individuals out there that may be looking for merge collectors for sale because they would like to improve their vehicle. In this article, we are going to give you a brief introduction to merge collectors and tell you exactly what merge collectors do. Afterwards, there are many places you can look in order to find merge collectors for sale.

Merge collectors are designed to ensure that your exhaust is managing the airflow generated in the correct manner, and ensuring that it’s getting the ultimate results from it without sacrificing any of the other much needed processes that occur within an engine.

It’s important to note however that you cannot just pick up any type of merge collector; you need one that is designed specifically for your purpose and that it fits the engine naturally. That sounds more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re unsure what specifications you need, it’s possible to fill in a quick form and send it on over. We’ll be able to help you design the exact system that can provide you with optimal results and performance.

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve heard of anything like this – merge collectors, race headers, all the other technical terms used, but they’ve actually been used for a long time within the professional racers, and those who make a living designing and creating engines. They’re not all that uncommon within these realms. Another thing to note is that you don’t need to go big to get good results; the whole idea behind merge connector is to reduce the size incredibly small, and then expand back open to match the size of the exhaust. You don’t need to look for the biggest model in the store, or to create the biggest one, as you won’t get the same results as if you design one that fits the exact specifications of your engine and exhaust system.

What Do Merge Collectors Do?

When it comes to using a merge collector, they have one very simple job. To increase the maximum velocity within an engine. This is done using the venturi effect. The very basic idea is that pressure changes depending on the space that it’s travelling through – air passing through a narrow, or reduced size, venturi will slow down. However, once it’s done that leg of the journey and is on it’s way through to the other side, it then expands again. This makes the pressure drop and fluctuate, which pulls more air into the area with the lowest pressure.

Merge collectors work differently to multiple-tube headers. This is because multiple-tube headers don’t manage the decrease in velocity very well. This causes the scavenging ability to be reduced, making it less effective. Merge collectors fix this, by letting the gasses hold onto their velocity without changing too much and hence not reducing the scavenging ability in the exhaust system.

The scavenging abilities that are created by the merge collector allows for a better ratio of air to fuel to enter the combustion chamber, where power is generated. This means that there’s more fuel in there, and more fuel leads to more power – as long as the rest of your engine and exhaust system has been optimized too. It’s not unheard of for a merge collector to be installed and for the person to get a good boost in horse power.

Merge Collectors for Sale

Usually, getting a merge collector is a one of a kind job – each will be made to match the specification of the engine. This means that it can be an expensive job that is usually undertaken by a specialist. This can make it a very expensive job to do, and can rack up bills into the thousands easily.

Luckily, recently, there was exposure on the market to a company called Dynatech Headers. They are header builders that concentrate on race-orientated exhaust systems and engines. They’ve come up with a mass produced merge collector, that’s available freely on the market. They’re cheaper, coming in around $600. They come in either mild steel or stainless steel, and while they’re not exactly cheap, they’re definitely cheaper than getting a custom made one from a specialist.

The company does however cover themselves by recommending that people who buy the merge collectors ensure that they undergo further camshaft testing, to make sure that they’re not at risk of over doing their system. You don’t want to over-scavenge the cylinders in the exhaust as this can cause damage, rather than streamlining the process.