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Hansen Price Assisting You to Get the Diminished Value If the world were in an ideal state, no motor accidents would happen since individuals would be making safe use of roads. And if the accidents happen, they vehicles would be repaired and resume the initial value. Now that the world is imperfect, there are car accidents happening each day. Over and above the motor accidents, cars loose value after accidents happens. Even after the vehicles have been perfectly repaired, the initial value is not restored. The lost value is explained by more than one factor. All in all, it should be understood that the value of the car is lost after an accident and this value is referred to as the diminished value. To understand the diminished value clearly, compare to vehicle models bought the same day, covered the same mileage and due care has been ensured. However, one of the cars is involved in car accidents. The car is then delivered to the auto body shop, and it is repaired using the parts that were specified by the manufacturer. The owners of the two cars decide to make sale of their cars on the same day. Do you expect the two cars to be sold at the same price. Facts are that the car not involved in the car crash has a higher value than the one involved in the car accident. The diminished value, in this case, is the difference between the value of these two vehicles. Something that is of importance is to learn what makes one car be compensated for a higher diminished value than the other. You will get a higher DV if your use the manufacturer defined replacement parts for the repair of your car. Ensure that you give the best repair for your vehicle after the accident. It is important that you ensure that no DV is lost. Follow the insurance company to ensure that the insurance firm settle the DV so that you can resume your former status.
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To qualify for the DV, your car should have been damaged in an accident. You must also not be at fault when the car accident happens. Your car should not be more than ten years. If these conditions are met, consult a diminished value specialist who will help in the calculation of the DV accordingly. Avoid taking the DV claim directly to the insurance company. They will try to hoodwink you in accepting a petite offer that is not commensurate to the real Dv. Hansen price is diminished value specialist helping car owners get the real compensation for the car accidents. Let their experts discuss your case with you so that they can help you.If You Think You Understand Claims, Then Read This