The advantage of installing GPS in your vehicle

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a device that will detect our position / vehicle right then and there. In the current era is not only luxury cars equipped with GPS devices, our trucks also need to be fitted with GPS, as trucking entrepreneurs who have a fixed route is highly recommended to install GPS in order to boost performance, let alone trucks that have a wide range, very It is necessary to know the location of the truck. You can find out more information about the right GPS for your truck through Garmin Dezl Truck GPS.

There are indeed costs that we must bear each month for GPS to keep working, among the costs are;

  1. Toll Rates

Built-in GPS devices require a SIM card to be able to send and receive signals to the server, without a credit on the SIM card then the GPS will not work and this pulse should always be there should not be exhausted, so the card type used is Postpaid card, so there is no Term pulse runs out, then the pulse will you pay each month.

  1. Server Rental Fees

To be able to login to our account website and see the location of the truck, it takes a special space server to store our account, usually the GPS seller has one package with the server, so each year we will be charged the server fee, the amount depends on how much you install GPS on your vehicle , The cost of this server is not too expensive

Behind the costs we must bear the many advantages we will get when installing GPS on our truck, what are the advantages, I try to summarize the experience of installing GPS on my vehicle;

  1. Prevent crime

Anyone would not want if the truck was stolen or taken away by the driver, to anticipate it then this GPS plays a very important role. If someday you lose contact with the vehicle or with the driver, you can check directly on the GPS website, then the location of the truck will instantly look even though the truck is dead, then you can immediately slide to the location, imagine if there is no GPS in the truck, Surely you can only guess the trick.

  1. Prevent trucks from being used for other activities

For expedition companies that already have scheduled scheduled destinations it would be a wonder if the truck that should have been back but did not come. When the driver came they gave this excuse that, inevitably we will definitely swallow it because it does not know the condition of the street,

The story will be different if the GPS truck is installed you can see this truck going anywhere so it does not arrive at the poll, the GPS will record every truck trip, you can see where the truck lane so as to avoid the truck used for other purposes by your driver.

  1. Ease of checking trucks

GPS is very easy to see and access, in the current smartphone era, you can open GPS website anywhere, so you will facilitate you in monitoring the vehicle on the street, any time and anywhere with a smartphone.

  1. Disciplining the Driver

With the GPS driver will think many times if you want to do things outside the work that violates the discipline, often stopped, because they know with the GPS all the movements of computers monitored, so they can be more disciplined.

  1. Increase revenue

This is the main purpose of any business, benefit, with GPS then the cost of once the vehicle can be boosted, the target will be achieved because all controlled and there is no reason not to return to the poll, sometimes there is a lazy driver back narik because it felt close to the break They choose to rest on the road for long to return to the poll is not enough time to go again. It will be very loss if the goods pile up in the warehouse and not distributed.