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Factors To Consider When Getting A Camper Van Rental

To be sure that you are only making the right decision when having a camper van rental, you have to know the tips listed in this article.

Tip number 1. Time of the year – the time of the year when you like to have a trip in the campervan plays a big role in making a decision on which to get. As a quick example for this, when traveling during winter months wherein the temperature can be so low, you may want to go for campervans that come with heating features for great comfort. After all, you probably don’t want to catch cold as you travel.

The rental rates are another point that should be taken into mind. This is true as it becomes higher particularly during peak seasons, which makes the travel cost more expensive. So as much as possible, try to have a flexible schedule to avoid overspending.
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Tip number 2. Location – do you think that it will be a good choice to opt for a 4-wheel drive? This is actually something that should not be disregarded because some rental companies only allow 2-wheel drive vans on sealed roads. What this mean is, if you are travelling on isolated roads, it will be a great idea to go for a 4-wheel drive campervan rental. Simply put, keep the location into consideration when finalizing your decision.
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Tip number 3. Budget – you might want to go for old campervans or motorhomes if your budget is a concern. When a premium rental company decides to update their fleet, the old vehicles are rebadged often under a different campervan company. This company is what you must look for if you like to save because they’re offering same service at a lower price. Even though the vans are rebadged on the other hand, you can be sure that it’s well maintained so you’ll still get a good ride.

Tip number 4. Length of hire as well as distances – are you planning to get campervan rental for a group of 4 or more maybe? If yes, you probably need a bigger car as it can accommodate more people and carry more storage. When having long distance trips, it’s a must to sleep at night. For this reason, the campervan that you have to choose should be comfortable bed and at the same time, has sufficient amount of water and fuel.

Tip number 5. Shower/toilet – if you wish to try freedom camping, make sure that there are toilet and shower facilities in the campervan. If not, then you may have to get portable shower/toilet.