Things to Consider Before Investing in a Portable Restroom Vacuum Truck

If you’re looking to start a business to help serve the portable restrooms industry on construction sites and the like, it’s important you have the right equipment on hand to do the business. Custom truck manufacturers like Truckxpress restroom trucks provide a custom-built solution for your needs. However, if that’s not a viable option, you’ll need to consider a second-hand option. Before you do that, though, look at some of the things to consider before you put your money where your mouth is.

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Does it Have Ample Chemical/Waste Capacity?

If you only have a few contracts and you work locally, you may want to opt for a smaller sized tank, but if you’re constantly on the road you’ll want to invest in something larger like a 1300-gallon tank. It would seem like the wise choice to start off with something small if you’re only just getting into the industry, but if you feel your workload is going to take off quickly there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for something bigger to save you constantly running back and forth to waste sites.

What Materials Were Used to Build the Tank?

Various materials can be used to manufacture the tank depending on the needs of the end-user. Many services tend to go for carbon steel designs because of the long life they provide, whereas others opt for aluminum simply because it’s a lighter design and thus gas is a lot cheaper.

Slide-In Capabilities

Not all trucks come with a built-in tank and some do offer slide-in features so you can change between tanks to suit the needs of the service you’re providing. These features offer business owners a great way to keep trucks in good condition throughout their lives and it also gives them added options to purchase multiple tanks to keep in the yard for when they’re needed for different jobs.

Water Fill Features

Most trucks on the market now offer service providers the chance to fill their tanks with water from both top and ground levels to suit the yard layout. It’s mostly not something to worry about, but if your filling station at the yard can only fill tanks at a lower level, you’re going to need a tank that can cater to that specific need.

The Make of the Truck Itself

Another good point to consider is the make of the truck itself. Obviously, it’s possible to get a restroom vacuum on the back of any old truck, but you’ll want something that’s going to last. Also, you’re going to need something that’s powerful enough to carry hundreds of gallons of water and waste, so you’ll want a truck that’s going to be reliable for years to come.

Buying a second-hand portable restroom vacuum truck doesn’t have to be challenging just so long as you do your homework and you know what you want. If you specifically need something to suit a different service than the standard, you may need to get a custom-built truck instead of investing in a truck that doesn’t provide the service you’re providing.