Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

When reselling your car, you have to do everything possible to ensure you get an optimum deal for the car. To get an optimum deal, it is important that the car is up to its full working capacity. Before putting your car up for sale either to a dealership or privately, you may assume fixing up your car is not very important but it is. If you fail to fix up your car both in major or minor ways, it might be difficult for you to get buyers. It can give a bad impression of you to your potential buyers and also reduce the value of the car. It is your duty as the owner of the car to ensure that your car is presentable and fully functional in order to increase the car’s resale value. In this article are 10 top ways for you to make this car resale value increase and they include:

  • Invest in new tires: One of the best ways to increase your car’s value is to invest in new car tires. If you never changed your car tires throughout the period you used the car, it might be important that you invest in new car tires. Check out the thread wear and how well the tires are holding in air. If they are still fine and very strong, then there is no need to replace them but if they are not, it is important that you replace them. This gives your car a very nice outward appearance, making it look almost new. It also makes your buyer enjoy a better experience with the car.
  • Car maintenance: The easiest and most important way to increase your car’s resale value is by properly maintaining it. Try to prevent your car from major harm. Drive carefully and avoid accidents. Despite repairs, when a car gets involved in too many accidents, it wears out faster. Minor car faults such as rock chip in the windscreen, tire cap falling out, window regulator burning out and parts of the car cracking and breaking off, should not be ignored. Sure the car can function without them, still, it is important that you fix such issues before putting the car up for sale.
  • Shine up headlights: Headlights are one of the first car parts potential buyers inspect before buying a car. A dirty headlight screams old and worn. To increase the resale value of your car, purchase products for cleaning out headlights and shine up your headlights. If you are unable to this yourself, you can take it to someone who can. With a newly shined headlights, you can increase the resale value of the car and it would be worth it.
  • Repaint or wax the car: More often than not, after years of driving a car, it loses its original brightness and fades. This could be due to constant washing, minor accidents or weather conditions. To increase your car resale value, it is important that you wax it or repaint it. This way your car will take on an attractive outer appearance and look brand new. It will also give your potential buyers the impression that the car has been well maintained.

  • Work on car interior: Apart from the car exterior, it is important that you also work on the interior. When your potential buyer sits in your car to take a test drive, it has to feel well taken care of and comfortable. You can clean up the detachable floor mats or change them. If the seat covers are torn or ragged, you can buy new seat covers and clean up the inner glasses. Make sure old stains are scrubbed out and that the car smells neat and fresh. A smelly, dirty car will repel customers and reduce the resale value.
  • Hire professionals: If your car is worth $40,000 and above, it is advisable that you call on a professional to prepare it for resale. For cleaning and polishing, you should consider hiring an auto detailer. It is the duty of a used car dealers in San Diego to clean out and thoroughly polish your car up to standard while ensuring that nothing gets damaged in the process. A thoroughly cleaned car will definitely increase your car resale value.
  • Fix up car faults: While it is important to have minor car fault fixed, it is most important that you fix major car faults too. If your car has a brake problem, if the headlights are not fully functional, if your radiator has a problem or your glasses have cracks, hire a mechanic to have it all fixed up. A car sold with any of these issues will have a lesser car resale value.
  • Ensure there are no dents or scratches: The fastest way to reduce your car resale value is by putting it up for sale with scratches and dents. Before you put up your car for sale, ensure the dents are fixed and that scratches are polished out. Fixing up dents and polishing out scratches are very affordable.
  • Save all your paperwork: Save all the car paperwork such as your titles, purchase receipts, service records, finance contracts, owner’s manuals and so on. You need this paperwork to prove to the buyer that you are truly the owner of the car and also to show them if required, that you maintained the car properly while it was in your care. Having these documents will assure your buyer that you cared about the car and that is what most buyers want to know.
  • Carry out market research: Finally, when you are done with all the fix-ups and it’s time to sell your car, ensure you carry out every research necessary to determine how much your car is worth before putting a price on the car. Ensure that you do not put yourself at a loss while setting up your price.

If you put all of the above into practice, your car’s resale value will be increased in no time.

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