Why Use a Flexible Steel Hose?


If you are looking for a pipe or hose solution, you should consider stainless steel flexible hoses. With a host of advantages over conventional rigid piping or other pipe materials, Stainless Steel Hose can provide a more versatile, hardier, more durable answer to any piping issue you may be experiencing. The advantages of both stainless steel piping and flexible conduit combine in this metal hose solution, resulting in a uniquely capable solution to your problems.

Why Use a Flexible Hose?

When you are choosing a conduit for fluids – either liquid or gas – you will first have to make a decision concerning whether you would be better off with a rigid, fixed pipe or a flexible hose. The difference may not seem like an important one at first glance, but these two conduits are suitable for entirely different purposes. Weigh the advantages of flexible conduits carefully against the benefits of an inflexible pipe before choosing – choosing a rigid pipe when you needed a flexible hose may result in disaster!

  1. Flexible Hoses Allow Movement

Flexible Hoses, by their very nature, are flexible and able to bend and flex without being damaged. Taking a Stainless Steel Hoseas an example, the hose can connect two components of a mechanism which must be able to move relative to one another, or provide flexibility where it is required – for example, in a high-pressure hose washer or other machine with variable intake or output targets.

  1. A Flexible Steel Pipe Can Absorb Vibrations

An additional function of flexible steel pipe (or any kind of flexible hose) is the component’s use in dampening vibrations throughout a system. A boiler, for example, generates vibrations in firing up and heating water for a home heating system, and the pipes which carry the hot water or steam around the house tend to be made with solid materials. However, the connection between the boiler itself and the piping tends to be of flexible Metal Hose, which does not transmit the vibrations from the boiler into the pipes.

This principle can be found throughout industry and manufacturing, with flexible hoses used to absorb vibrations before they can transmit throughout the rest of the piping.

  1. Flexible Hose is Adaptable and Flexible

Flexible by nature, Metal Hoseis adaptable and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from petrochemical processing to food manufacturing. With a range of hoses available, and a range of fittings and construction options to suit various uses, these Flexible Hosesare an ideal conduit for a variety of tasks.

  1. Flexible Hoses are Durable

Where a rigid pipe would crack or break under stress, a flexible hose only bends. This resistance to damage makes a flexible hose much more durable than rigid piping, able to survive impacts and bends which would destroy a rigid pipe.

Why Use a Stainless Steel Hose?

The reasons for using a flexible hose are clear, but why should you choose a Stainless Steel Hosein particular? What does this construction material have to offer that other materials do not? Just like the design of the flexible hose sets it apart from conventional piping, so too the advantages offered by stainless steel result in a metal hose that is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of versatility, corrosion resistance, lifespan, pressure tolerance and ability to work with high temperatures. These advantages are listed below:

  1. Steel Hose is Versatile

Stainless Steel Flexible Conduitis more versatile than any other piping type, able to transport a huge range of materials without concern. With the ability to operate at a range of temperatures and pressures, stainless steel flexible conduit is well-suited to applications in the petrochemical industry, chemical smelting, alloy production, high-pressure fluid transport, automobiles and vehicles, manufacturing and food production, among others.

  1. Stainless Steel Hose has Impressive Corrosion Resistance

One of the reasons for this impressive list of applications is the unmatched corrosion resistance offered by stainless steel. Thanks to its chromium content, stainless steel hose resists rusting and attack by a range of chemicals, including petrochemicals.

Thanks to this corrosion resistance, stainless steel hose will have a longer working life than a corrosion-prone material, and will not contaminate the fluid within with iron oxide particles.

  1. Flexible Steel Conduits have High Pressure Tolerances

Thanks to the braided stainless steel sheath that wraps the outside of the flexible steel conduits, they have high pressure tolerances, and can carry fluids at pressures which would risk damage to weaker hoses. This is achieved by the strips of stainless steel woven into a braided sheath, which resist any expansion of the pipe and essentially act as a skeleton, keeping the entire pipe together under high pressure applications.

  1. Stainless Steel Conduits Have High Temperature Tolerances

With a protective steel braid around the corrugated steel body of the pipe, Stainless Steel Conduits retain their strength even at high temperatures. The melting point of steel is very high, but as metals become hotter, they often soften, so the steel braided sheath works to counteract this, maintaining a high degree of strength throughout the full temperature range of Stainless Steel Conduits.

How is Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Made?

Stainless steel flexible hose is made by creating a corrugated stainless steel pipe, which will form the interior of the hose. Around this, a stainless steel braided sheath is woven, knitting tightly together to hold the entire hose together and protect it from abrasions, lacerations or high pressures from inside the hose.

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