How to Make Sure Used Car is Worth to Buy

We already know that buying a used car is not as easy when we buy a new one. Apart from the price offered, the condition of a used car is also a matter that must be considered before deciding to buy. Of course, this is a challenge for you in choosing a decent used car. Here are some aspects that you checked before buying the used car:

Exterior and Interior

The easiest part of the be checked the exterior and interior of the car. You have to check all parts of the car body. Is there any defects, blisters, scratches, or even paint that has peeled off. Also, check the interior, such as a car ceiling. Check whether there is damage, front and rear seats, dashboard, and detail parts in other cars or not.

Engine Sound

This point is the technical aspects of the car. You definitely want to choose a car with an engine that is still okay. You can check it through the sound of the engine when you test-drive the car. If the engine is still okay, the car will make minimal noise and roar when it is driven. You can listen to the sound of the car when the car is low or high speed. You also need to start the engine for 5-10 minutes with the hood open and listen carefully to the sound. If you hear a disturbing sound, such as friction or collision, don’t buy it.


After you check the condition of the engine, the next thing you need to do in choosing a used car is to check the muffler. The exhaust with black smoke shows that the car’s combustion process is perfect. If the smoke that comes out of the exhaust is white, there is a mixture of oil in the combustion section. Also, pay attention to the exhaust tip.


When you do a driving test, you should pay attention to the gear shifting. Make sure it moves smoothly and quickly. If it feels hard and difficult to move, then there is something wrong with the car.

Indicator Lights and Speedometers

When you start the engine, pay close attention to the indicator lights. If the oil indicator light or the temperature of the car won’t light up, it means there is an indication of rustiness in the car. It is also essential for you to check the needle rpm on the speedometer. If it is still moving up and down smoothly, it means that it is still in good condition.

Those are the tips and things you should consider in buying a used car. If you are observing it, you will get your dream car. Many used cars offered are still in good condition. You can check Nene Overland to see the sale offered. Nene Overland also offers Land Rover Defender used cars sale which have a good condition.