Three Lyft Rental Service Regulations Designed to Promote Passenger Safety

Passenger safety is paramount in any car rental service and as such, it is of utmost importance that anyone seeking car rental services familiarizes themselves with the regulations to avoid unnecessary litigations. Failure to do this will force you to seek services of an attorney which is not only costly but also time-consuming and may leave one being labeled as litigious. Listed here are three basic regulations designed to ensure passenger service that you must be aware of before seeking Lyft rentals.

1. Vehicle requirements.

Obviously, this is the most important regulation for any car rental service. Lyft tries to ensure passenger safety by doing a thorough check on all the vehicles that it rents out. The following are some specifications that are in line with the federal requirements for motor vehicles:

· That the vehicle be from 2004 or newer.

· That the vehicle has four doors, each door has a handle that is accessible from the exterior.

· The windshield, mirrors, and windows MUST NOT have cracks.

· The body MUST be in good condition.

· The tire treads MUST pass the penny test.

· The seat belts MUST be in working condition.

· The A/C and heater MUST be in working condition.

· All the signals, fog lamps, hazards, high beams, brakes, and lights MUST work.

· All the windows MUST roll up and down well.

These are just some of the conditions governing the state of the vehicle that ensure passenger safety. To be on the safe side, the passenger must ascertain to the best of their ability if the vehicle conforms to these standards. For a more detailed description of all the vehicle specifications required by Lyft. The above conditions regulate the driver to ensure both his safety and that of the passenger.

2. Driver’s License and Driving Record.

The driver must possess a valid driver’s license to rent a car from Lyft. The license must be valid for one year, Moreover, it must reflect the number plates of the state you intend to drive in, and the insurance must be up to date. Furthermore, the driver must have a clean driving record. This means that she/he has:

· No major violations in the last three years.(e.g. driving on a suspended license).

· No DU’S or other drug related offenses in the last seven years.(e.g. trafficking, consuming or selling drugs).

· No extreme violations in the last seven years. Such violations may include hit and run, reckless driving leading to fatalities, e.t.c.

· No more than three moving violations involving, fender benders, traffic lights, and seatbelts.

These records are always stored by the federal traffic agencies, and if they discover that you have violated any of these laws, your request will be declined.

3. Background Check.

At Lyft, a thorough background check is conducted to ensure that the driver is not a dangerous person. The check ensures that you have not been found guilty of any the following in the past seven years:

· Theft.

· Drug related offenses (Trafficking, consuming, selling or being an accessory).

· Sexual offenses.

· Violent crime.

· Property damage.

· Other felonies.

lf Lyft learn that you have violated of any of these requirements, you will not be rented a car. These regulations help to keep passengers safe and minimize litigation.